Whispering History -  RØROS.Røros, main street

The town itself is the main attraction. By opening up your senses and curiosity, you may find yourself being carried back to life in a different age.

This little town has long-established traditions, and its own unique and fascinating charm. By keeping all your senses alert, being curious and allowing your fantasy to flow when exploring the cultural heritage, you can find yourself taken into another era. The old mining town is “a place of whispering history”.

Røros, Winter MarketThe mining and farming activities within the town boundaries have created a unique mountain settlement – a wonder created by man, with an exceptional cultural value – which has earned Røros a place on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This is an active and growing community famous for high quality design products, arts and crafts, as well as a renowned local food movement. The most fascinating part is that the modern people of Røros still work and live in the characteristic seventeenth and eighteenth century buildings.

A guided tour around the town gives a fascinating glimpse into the history of  Røros and also provides an understanding of how people lived and worked in themining community. Experienced guide will regale you with their knowledge and will show you both the mountain settlement’s most famous places and some

pearls you didn’t even know existed. Inside the Olav's mine The Smelthytta at Malmplassen was the centre of the Røros community and copper ore was smelted here from 1646 to 1953. The region’s natural resources were fully exploited when the Røros Copperworks, which was one ofEurope’s largest industrial concerns, had its glory days. The Smelthytta has now become a unique museum. The main exhibition has moving models of waterwheels, lift apparatus and horses wandering around the mine’s passages. Running water and audio and visual effects make the models of the mining operations and smelting processes even more fascinating – for all age groups.A visit to Olav’s Mine allows you to wander through 350 years of history. You will get the feeling that you have stepped into another world! Audio and visual effects in the mine’s passages recreate the atmosphere with the ‘gruvesluskene’ (mine’s rowdy bunch) at work. We will go 500 metres inside the mountain to Bergmannshallen (Miners’ Hall), the mountain’s concert hall, where it is possible to arrange concerts or other types of entertainment.